Roof Attachments

Everest Solar Systems has a variety of roof attachments that are compatible with multiple roof types including tile and comp shingle.

  • Tile:
    • 3S Tile Hook
    • SingleHook
  • Comp Shingle:
    • EverFlash eComp Kit, 8x12"
    • EverFlash qComp Kit, 9x12"
    • EverFlash eComp + SR Slide Kit (CrossRail Shared Rail roof attachment option)
    • EverFlash qComp + SR Slide Kit (CrossRail Shared Rail roof attachment option)
  • Metal:
    • PowerClamp Standard, for standing seam roofs
    • PowerClamp Mini, for standing seam roofs
    • MiniRail XPress, for trapezoidal metal roofs


Do you use SunRun? Are you using an approved tile hook? Everest complies with UL 2703 through our L-Foot ans has two tile hooks - SingleHook and 3S Tile Hook - approved on SunRun's AVL (Approved Vendor List). 

  • Symbol pitched roof
  • Symbol Composition comp shingle
  • Symbol pan tile
  • standing seam
  • Trapezoidal metal roof

EverFlash qComp Kit

Our new EverFlash qComp Kit featuring Quick Mount PV® Elevated Water Seal Technology.


The new design minimizes the component count for a faster, simpler install. 


Pair with the Slide Kit for an easy CrossRail Shared Rail system install.

SingleHook for S Tile Roofs

Our new SingleHook is the simplest solution for S Tile roofs.


The new design eliminates the need for an L-foot and gives the installer adjustability.


Find our recommended max spans under the downloads tab!

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Roof Attachments

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