Roof Attachments

Everest Solar Systems has a variety of roof attachments that are compatible with multiple roof types including tile and comp shingle.

  • Tile:
    • Flat Tile Hook
    • Tile Hook 3S
    • SingleHook
  • Comp Shingle:
    • EverFlash eComp Kit, 8x12"
    • EverFlash eComp + SR Slide Kit (CrossRail Shared Rail roof attachment option)
  • Metal:
    • PowerClamp Standard, for standing seam roofs
    • PowerClamp Mini, for standing seam roofs
    • MiniRail XPRess, for trapezoidal metal roofs


Do you use SunRun? Are you using an approved tile hook? Everest complies with UL 2703 through our L-Foot ans has two tile hooks - SingleHook and Tile Hook 3S - approved on SunRun's AVL (Approved Vendor List). 

  • Symbol pitched roof
  • Symbol Composition comp shingle
  • Symbol pan tile
  • standing seam
  • Trapezoidal metal roof

Flat Tile Hook

The Flat Tile Hook is in production and will soon be available to our customers. 


This tile hook is optimized for flat tile roofs and has been tested and engineered for higher loads.


It is compatible with our CrossRail and CrossRail Shared Rail systems.

SingleHook for S Tile Roofs

Our new SingleHook is the simplest solution for S Tile roofs.


The new design eliminates the need for an L-foot and gives the installer adjustability.


Find our recommended max spans under the downloads tab!

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Roof Attachments

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Technical Sheet
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Span Tables
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Engineering Letters
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