Everest Base: Future-oriented PV planning

Base allows you the flexibility to design your racking system for multiple projects. Currently, Base is available for our D Dome R² System for commercial flat roofs and CrossRail, CrossRail Shared Rail and MiniRail XPRess systems for residential roofs. 

  • Continue to enjoy continuously updated and platform-independent online software free of charge
  • Improved calculation criteria
  • Planning with satellite images from Google Maps
  • Graphical drawing tools for roofs and module fields
  • Detailed loads and ballast planning


See our short introduction videos with an overview of all work spaces and functions.

Online software

  • Always available at base.everest-systems.com
  • Available at no cost
  • Continuously updated (central updates)
  • Platform independent (requires up-to-date web browser)

Planning with satellite images

  • Satellite images as a planning basis
  • Google Maps database
  • All current satellite images are available
  • Work with map view possible

User accounts

  • User account with project memory
  • All data can be saved
  • Instant access from anywhere

Screenshot drawing fields on roof

Roof planning

  • Work graphically with drawing tools
  • Very easy determination of obstructions and restricted areas
  • Allows several roofs in one project 
  • Exact data for orientation and size

Screenshot Planing module fields

Module fields

  • Convenient graphical drawing tools with dimensions and angles 
  • Allows several module fields on one roof

Screenshot Planing thermal separation

  • Individual thermal separations and service separations  
  • Comfortable handling with graphical markings and exact measurements

Screenshot loads calculation

Wind and snow loads

  • Easily calculate wind and snow loads

Screenshot ballast planing


  • Automatically calculates necessary ballast
  • Detailed displays, pdf reports and work files 

Screenshot Summary


  • Detailed project report as customisable pdf file:
    project data, assembly plan, ballast plan, results, static report and article list 
  • Article list with module layout for each roof
  • Export of article list and ballast plan as MS Excel file

Satellite images: Google Maps